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Trailer for "Pirates of Penzance"

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Ruth in “The Pirates of Penzance” (Mainz)

“… Katja Ladentin offers her rich mezzo-soprano for Frederic’s former nanny and then late-appointed pirate Ruth.” (Source:

Katja Ladentin Mezzosopran - Mainz - Pirates of Penzance 01
Katja Ladentin Mezzosopran - Mainz - Pirates of Penzance 02
Katja Ladentin Mezzosopran - Mainz - Pirates of Penzance 03

Pepa in “Goyescas” (Regensburg)

“Here they offered a absolutely convincing ensemble performance. All 15 vocal roles were well cast, some outstanding: Lauretta (Theodora Varga), Zita (Katja Ladentin), Rinuccio (Jonathan Winell).”
(Source: Mittelbayerische Zeitung,

Marta in “Mefistofele” (Mainz)

“… but Katja Ladentin as the lasciviously exciting Marta appealed in her short role with her provocative acting and her full contralto. “

Bianca in “The Rape Of Lucretia” (Mainz)

“Katja Ladentin was convincing as Amme Bianca with a beautiful-sounding mezzo and, together with the soprano Radoslava Vorgic as the servant Lucia in the second scene, created a fantastically beautiful accompanying vocal duet to complement the orchestra. “

In “Faust” by Charles Gounod (Mainz)

“As Siebel, Geneviéve King was an impressive singing actress, just as Katja Ladentin and Georg Lickleder were deliciously unique.”
(Source: Frankfurter Neue Presse,

Pantalis in “Mefistofele” (Mainz)

“A full, powerful tone also characterized Katja Ladentin ‘s Marta, who was also heard in the small role of Pantalis alongside the rock-solid Dietrich Greve as Neréo. “

Vocal part in “Stabat mater” by Cornelius

“Tatjana Charalgina, Katja Ladentin, Thorsten Büttner and Igor Storozhenko as well as the St. Martin’s Cathedral Choir and the male voices of the Mainz Cathedral Choir will perform the vocal parts.”

Dialogues des Carmélites (Mainz)

“… as well as the contralto Katja Ladentin, who embodies Mere Jeanne vocally and dramatically so intensely and convincingly that she significantly enhances the role, which is actually quite straightforward.”